LCD Dash!

Many Thanks to Jay Foster

Lets be honest here.... the instrumentation in the TR7 is a little ropey. Okay so we all agree on that! Not that there's too much wrong with it looks wise - after all it was designed nearly 30 years ago, and compared to the Allegro it's fantastic. Actually comparing it to a Rover 600 (sorry Justin but the Rover 600 really should be called the Rover Tweed Cap) would make it look good.

No the TR7 dash is ropey in the fundamental manner of its operation, or lack of! Right let's do a simple test.... everyone put a hand in the air (preferably your own, however if the person next to you doesn't mind you may raise their's). Here we go... put your hand down if your clock doesn't work. Hmmm a few hands still up.... okay. Leave your hand up if your clock works when the ignition is off. A few people are still out there.... okay, okay leave you hand up if it's actually accurate. Ahhhh just the one person out there in Reykjavik - can I buy your dash please?

Well you get the gist? The instruments don't always work... the temperature gauge can be flakey, no doubt you've experienced the 'bouncy' rev counter and 3 dash's later TRisha still hasn't got a clock which works all the time!

Jay Foster (as well as loading a 3.8litre v6 into his wedge) has ripped out the standard instrumentation and fitted this electronic dash. Hat off to Jay for this fine piece of work! The dash, from a Thunderbird, doesn't look out of place at all.

Jay has worked in the Aerospace industry in the highly technical area of interfacing engine management systems with the engine itself. This experience enabled him to fit such a neat bit of kit into the car - without this sort of knowledge you would only get basic instrumentation from the dash and not the full features of the LCD display.

The illumination at night (see pic) does give the interior a very different look indeed.

This is, obviously, not a straightforward swap and we can only suggest you seek sound advice before attempting something similar. And another consideration is do you really want the blue oval of F**d on your steering wheel!! Many thanks again to Jay Foster for the images see his web pages for more images and information.