Trisha's Restoration

Get your fill of the beautification (and we don't mean in the religious sense!) treatment that TRisha underwent in the 2nd half of 2003. In the celebratory world of vanity we're talking more than simple Botox injections here, this is beyond a little lift, or liposuction. What we're talking here could probably only be surpassed by Michael Jackson... and that's only because TRisha isn't having a colour change.

  1. Introduction
  2. The First 6Weeks
  3. A cautionary note - Rear Deck Woes
  4. ahhh the sunroof - I'm not alone am I 'Raider'?
  5. Completed - it is.
  6. Who participated.

The restore commenced on 14 July 2003 and was completed in Jan 2004. TRisha TR is a 1976 Speke built Triumph TR7 FHC, registered on 01 Jan 1977.