Standard Triumph Show 2004

British Motor Heritage Museum - Gaydon

This year the organisers introduced a new admittance fee structure to the weekend, the effect was that numbers were down on last year, which couldn't be attributed to the weather!! Though the forecast was for 'unsettled' (or rather the forecaster is just hedging their bets) the day was generally glorious. No rain, though the wind was a trifle chilly at times.

DueWaiting to get into Gaydon to an illness the Co-Pilot was unable to attend which was a shame, and meant that I had to take the long route to the Museum as I'd not really done much about checking the map in preparation! As TRisha was one of the cars on the TR Drivers Club stand I had to be there before 09:30, not a problem I'd be there for 09:00. Well I was taking the long route and to confound matters the first part of my journey was hampered when I encountered, and was held up by, about 4,891 Citdrone Saxo's or Pugs such as the 205 or 206. Yes it appears the Barry Boys were out for a 'French Car' day somewhere in Leicestershire, maybe Bruntingthorpe. All this meant that I was travelling at a speed which isn't condusive to retaining your license along the A46 and M40!

I made it there by-the-way!

The day got of to a slow start, maybe due to people checking the weather, which meant a lot of people missed the TR7's in the parade ring - TRisha, Pete in his DHC and Guy in his Grinnall v8. The picture shows Pete being 'interviewed' - yeah it's a bad pic, but I'm in TRisha so how good do you think the pic could be? It's a bit strange speaking and then hearing yourself Pete being interviewedhalf a second later, still I was more switched on than the chap posing the questions..... "The early TR7's had a rather plain bonnet, I see you've a double bulge bonnet. Why the change?" "Errr it is the original single-bulge bonnet". "Oh is it?" I guess the lack of people around at the time was a blessing for the fellow. Whilst we sat there a whole stream of TR7s/8 entered the grounds - including Gordon's rather splendid green FHC (even if the rear fogs are of limited appeal!!!!! Gordon won't mind... I hope!)Gardon's FHC - nice fogs!

It was good to meet and chat to many of those who drop into the forum and put real names to some of those aliases; even if we weren't able to offer a definite solution to the problem afflicting Karl and Donna's yellow FHC.

Judging by those passing by the Club stand there does appear to be real interest in the TR7 and the car was probably the dominant car within the Triumph only parking.... and FHC's were well represented for a change!

Within the museum itself the truly awful Lynx prototype was still present - only this time it had a dent in the back, which didn't really help it's looks (lets be honest only a crusher could improve the rear-end of this thing!). Also on show was Tony Pond's rally car - nip along to the TR Drivers National weekend to see a mock-up of a 1970's rally stop - for me that's the halcyon days of rallying and the images are easy to recall... which is odd as I can recall little else other than the FA Cup Finals from 1976 onwards (Oh and my youngest bro' being born)

There's a whole ream of photo's in the gallery - chances are if your TR7 was there then I got a photo - and it was as I ambled around (sticking TR Drivers Club cards under your wipers!) that I met a TR2 owner had left that at home and turned up in his TR7 instead - this one quite rare as it was a tin-lid without the sunroof, in very original condition. And whilst admiring Karl and Donna's FHC a TR7 DHC driver was lamenting the loss of his FHC - he bought a DHC after having to sell his FHC on medical grounds, due to back problems caused, by getting in and out of the vehicle.

So mosey into the gallery for a selection of the vehicles there on Sunday 30 May 2004.


Cheers, TRisha Pilot.