Can You Stop As Quickly As The Car In Front?

One of the modifications you must make if you intend dropping a V8 into a TR7 is to improve the braking ability of the car. However would recommend this modification to even standard 2.0l versions of the car.

Look at it like this... your car will pass an MOT (that's a 'certificate of roadworthiness' to those not familiar with UK legislation) on standard discs and drum set up. Okay fine... but this car was finalised in the mid 70's when discs all around was virtually unheard of and ABS was a Formula 1 team's dream! The original set up is far from perfect, the discs are small and thin and with the brake force being with the wheels that aren't actually moving the car, stopping in an emergency can be hairy!

If you're not convinced about the merits of an upgrade watch a new car (with discs all round and ABS) stop from 70mph and compare that to where your TR7 stops. If you did this in a test environment with the two cars running parallel on a runway, and both braked at the same point, it is clear to see that your TR7 would be helped to a standstill by the bumper of the car in front! Yes you may pass the MOT but that newer car requires less road to stop and, in all liklihood, will loose a greater amount of speed in those first seconds than an old TR7 would.

Most Triumph specialists stock a good range of alternative brake systems (even stretching to rear discs!). It may be necessary to replace the Servo when upgrading, so please seek the advice of the supplier before going ahead with this modification. The disk shown is part of a kit from 'S & S Preparations', which also required a new servo and master cylinder in order to function correctly - spacers are also required if you are running on 13inch wheels.

Some people are loathe to make such a modification - preferring to keep the car 'original' - thankfully evidence suggests that that outlook is not too prevalent in the TR7/8 world. It's better to have a modified car on the road rather than an original one being written off and people needing hospital treatment!!

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