Commercial Links

These links are to commercial companies (parts suppliers, restoration experts) who all play a vital role in keeping your car on the road. If there's a company you know, whether a specialist in TR7/8's or just a quality company who will handle the TR7, or maybe it's your company you want to see listed please let us know and we'll add the link.

British Wiring - United States Harnesses and Info for British Cars, recommended by other TR7 owners
James Paddock - UK (England) Parts suppliers
Jigsaw Racing Services - UK (England) Based in Desborough, Northants Jigsaw are Triumph tuning, restoration and servicing specialists; it's also the home of ADU 1B
John's Cars Dallas - United States Performance upgrade specialists, limited parts catalogue
Moordale Motors - UK (England) Restoration Experts and maintenance
Rally Gallery - UK (England) More rally images than you can shake a stick at - the site also gives dates to some future events.
Rimmer Bros - UK (England) Big Triumph parts supplier from Lincoln (UK)
Roadster Factory - United States The Roadster Factory - large parts list, which can be viewed online
Robsport International - UK (England) Parts suppliers, restoration experts and TR7/8 car sales
S&S Preparations - UK (England) Parts suppliers and restoration experts
Spitfire Graveyard - UK (England) Yes they do deal in TR7 bits…
Sports Car Warehouse - United States British car specialists - servicing, restoration, parts and complete cars.
Team Triumph - United States Triumph and MG Specialist in NE Ohio; MOSS Distributor with plenty of TR7/8 parts
Triumph Rover Spares - Australia Based in South Australia TRS specialise in v8 developments and compete in a TR7v8
TS Imported - United States British Car specialist, many performance parts, based in Ohio and will ship throughout USA/Canada
Victoria British - United States Parts Suppliers
Wedgeparts - United States Parts suppliers and rescuers of poorly TR7/8s!