TR7 Enthusiasts

There's plenty of people scattered over the globe who share a love of the BL's wedgey little 2-seater rust magnet. As if the car itself doesn't eat enough of their time and money some of these (like us) spend a little more of their valuable resources, be it cost or time or both, on sharing their car with the web world.

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Andy`s TR7s - UK (England) A good history of the TR7 in rally competition and some wonderful restoration pictures.
Building a Tr7v8 Rally Replica - UK (England) Steve has owned 5 TR7/8s and with the latest he is building a rally replica
G0OFB - John's Site - UK (England) Have you read the 'Journey To Greece' story yet? Well this is John's website - two cars and two restorations (of the same car)
Historic TR7 Rallying - Belgium TR7 Competition Cars - Bert Smeets competes in various rallies across Europe, fabulous site and very interesting cars
Johnny - UK (England) Some good pics of a well restored TR7
Jon Wolfe's TR7 Racing - UK (England) Jon's a well known figure in the world of TR7 (and Spitfire) racing with a couple of books to his name
Karl`s TR7 Site - UK (England) He quickly caught the TR7 bug and has put together a good site with newsletter updates.
Malcolm`s TR7 Site - UK (England) Malcolm is the TR7/8 registrar form the TR Register Club and has a stable of TR7's!
Michael's Blog - United States Michael owns an original 1975 FHC - Java Green... and quite fabulous
Raider's Blog - UK (England) Raider goes in for Club Triumph's RBRR and 10CR... he likes driving does this Tony Pond disciple!
Tarni Roberts - Australia Aussie Enthusiasts who've even developed the TR7v8 bed!
TR7.FR - France A growing French site - in its infancy with new content added regularly
Triumph Cars - UK (England) A restoration in progress site
Triumph Cars - Restoration/Collection - United States Huw is a Triumph deciple - lots of pics of complete cars and work in progress.
Triumph TR7 UK - UK (England) Ammo's dedication to the 'legend'. And he's not even got a TR7! (Not updated and lots of pop-ups!)
Triumph - UK (England) Ellis builds his site as he rebuilds the car!
Waringstown TR7s - Ireland John & Kyle are two TR7 fruitcakes - go and win one of their T-shirts!
World of British Green - Belgium Lots of info about virtually every Triumph vehicle ever! Plus a whole bunch of other links