Miscellaneous Links

A bunch of links to various sites, some I've found some placed here by request, some commercial based others aren't.

PLEASE NOTE: unless stated TriumphTR7.com has no commercial interest in any of the sites listed, neither do we profit from any of the links shown. Unless stated we have not used the services of any commercial interest listed and offer no recommendations.

If you experience any difficulties with any interest listed please contact us and we will remove the link

Dolphin Graphics - UK (England) Professional Graphic Design and printing - very helpful and competitively priced.
Stamford Web Design - UK (England) Web design, development and consultancy.
The Brains Trust - UK (England) Hilarious British satire site (contains abusive language)
The Onion - United States Classic satire from the USA
Yaxley Web Design - UK (England) Professional web design - packages from 125