Site History

Anything new been added recently... most significant site updates will be listed here.

16/04/2007 First major updates for 2007 - the Bullet DVD, Trickett for sale and more press reviews
10/10/2006 A review of TR7s (oh and TR8s) in the press.
31/05/2006 Finally got a 'Search' added to the site and also fixed the Contact Form - apologies for lost queries!
29/05/2006 DHC vs FHC - a review; plus an update for the area meeting and a new FHC gallery
04/04/2006 Added a Photo Album for the Ashby Folville Meeting
05/03/2006 New Photo Albums - I got fed up of the old style... Complete re-write of the albums, all my own work too!
20/09/2005 An update on our area meeting in the Leicester/Northants region
18/08/2005 A review of the reviews - we take a look at what the Press thought of the TR7 all those years ago
18/08/2005 Finally posted pics and a write-up of the Relay Tour
05/04/2005 All the route details for the charity Relay Tour posted
22/02/2005 A write-up from Stoneleigh; Part 1 of the 'Journey to Greece'
03/01/2005 A major update to the look of the site... we'll call this version 3.
31/08/2004 Added a write up about the Bedford Run and some more pictures.
28/07/2004 Plus a review of the two premier UK TR events - namely the TR Drivers Club at Billing and the TR-Register event at Malvern. With lots of pics from both shows.
28/07/2004 Info about the TR7 Turbo project for Le Mans in the early 80`s added and some details about very radical external mods to a a FHC TR7v8.
15/06/2004 Masses of updates! New pics, new links, a new show write-up and invite to the UKs premier TR7/8 event.
13/04/2004 Finally included a 'buyers guide', the FAQ page is also here as is the 'About Us'. Oh and there's a shop!
10/04/2004 We've added a comparison test of the Fiat X1/9 against the TR7. Also in this update a report from a Tyee Triumph Club (Washington) event.
03/03/2004 Added a report from Stoneleigh International Triumph Show, and the final TRisha rebuild update.
12/01/2004 Not a big amendment - just some more photo`s. Look for a bigger update in Feb/March
18/12/2003 A couple of new galleries, some old ones dropped and a few more pics.
12/12/2003 A few more pics as TRisha nears completion
04/12/2003 Another TR Tale added… a great little tale about a 27year search for his baby!
27/11/2003 Many more pics added - check out the restoration (TRisha TR Staff car)
12/11/2003 Added a quick review of the International Classic Motor Show 2003 and some more pics.
03/11/2003 Changed the front pic and added more links, and pictures to the galleries.
02/11/2003 Finally added the review of the National Weekend 2003 - complete with AVI downloads
02/10/2003 Some pics of a Primered TRisha now in the restoration #2 gallery (check under `Trisha TR staff car`)
22/09/2003 A new front page. And more pics added to the galleries.
24/08/2003 Another couple of pages added to the Restore 2 story. Also added the `For Sale` pages.
20/08/2003 More pics added to the rebuild2 pages.
08/08/2003 A big Update…. Version 2 of launched.
15/02/2003 We pay for an improved hosting package and promise updates soon…
12/12/2002 Promises of major updates to follow…
20/05/2002 Looking for 'Triumph TR7' on google reveals we're No.1 ranked
31/03/2002 Traffic increases rapidly and we suddenly see the site ranked in the top 5 on Google.
22/02/2002 launched with about 2 pages.