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MEDIA UPDATE - April 2007

So the TR7/8 love-in that was Retro Cars is no more... a shame but with the difficult media market it is hard for all of the classic car titles to survive. The stablemate of Retro Cars 'Classics Monthly' moved into Retro Cars territory last year so the end of the title was not too much of a shock to some of us.
Practical Classics March 2007
Recently though it has been the old stager Practical Classics that's become 'champion of the wedge', with our 70's pearl featuring in successive issues, getting 2007 off to a good start for those of us who need to see more TR7s than we can find on the net... (what about the Code Name: Bullet DVD?)

Practical Classics - March 2007
First up - in the March 07 issue - was a road trip in a Triumph TR8 - Nigel Boothman, takes an assignment to tour Scotland in a rented classic; he selects a 4.0l TR7v8.... and has a blast. The feature is more about the tour than the v8 powered TR7, that said it's obvious that the author grows into the car and appreciates the merits of the additional power and the comfort afforded by the last Triumph TR. It's a really good write-up and a must for anyone who is toying with the idea of a Highlands road-trip.Practical Classics March 2007 The article is also a worthy read for those wedge sceptics who can see little merit in our cars - as we all know those who are the most vociferous in slating the Triumph TR7 are usually those who have never been in one - I'm sure many of the 'anti' camp would be persuaded otherwise if they got to go in a well-sorted TR7 (whether a 2,0l, Sprint or v8). Right back to the magazines...

The Highland route taken is included in full within the article, along with a number of cold looking pictures. The last paragraph eloquently sums up Nigel's Triumph TR7/8 experience - to quote:

"How good is it? Imagine a 25 year old TVR that starts on frozen mornings and doesn't break down.... Well sorted TR8's, original or otherwise, are a blast. Try one."

Further on in the magazine there's Part 8 of the GT6 restoration and a small 'postcard' feature of a Triumph Stag, and a good comparisson review of some 1980's turbos - including the Audi Quattro which was a fave of mine at the time.

Classic & Sports Car - March 2007
Also in March 'Classic and Sports Car' took a look at the entire Triumph TR range. A 'must have' feature for any TR fan - even if there's nothing newAll Triumph TRs - Classic And Sports Car in this article it is an interesting read and the first time I've seen such a review of the entire TR line in a single article. There's also a look at some of the various prototypes or off-shoots that sprung forth from the TR loins. Plus there's a very condensed look at the competition history of the Triumph TR family.

The author - James Elliot - drives the entire range, from the TR2 thru both the TR4 and TR4IRS up to a green TR7 and errr a green TR8 (genuine - not a TR7v8). It's fairly evident that James is not the biggest wedge fan out there - though he praises the driving layout and does concede that "is not half as bad as you've been lead to believe" a back handed complement if ever there was one. When it comes to the TR8 I get the feeling that James was expecting so much more than he got, and he was ultimately left a little disappointed.... he doesn't even mention the striking Triton Green livery which is (in my book) the best colour on a DHC.

The magazine also has a group test of Sat Nav systems - a worthy feature as one of the criteriaTriumph TR8 interior is "can you hear it in an old car", something we all need to consider if we're going to use these in our Triumphs. I also like the feature on the Aston Martin Zagato's.... and people thing the wedge is ugly? These may be Aston's, they may be a feat of engineering genuis* but boy are they ugly! (* engineering genius? I don't know... I was too busy laughing at the ugly bugs on the page)

Practical Classics - April 2007
And then we're back to Practical Classis where, like Classic & Sports Car, there's multiple TRs on Practical Classics - April 2007show - well two of them anyway. The feature pits Father against Son in comparing 4 recent classics against one of its fore-fathers from a previous era. Also included is a look at the Alfa Spider - comparing a 3.2l v6 from 2002 against the iconic Spider from 1971... I'm partial to Alfa's and was close to getting a 2000yr v6 model (but opted for a Jap import FTO instead!). As for the TR test there's a definite favouring of the TR3 from author Dr. Allchorne - who finds the wedge quite appealing. Picking through the words it is clear that the TR3 gave the Dr more of a thrill, with the TR7 impressing with the ride comfort rather than the driving experience. Perhaps a little surprisingly the main wedge-gripe comes with the 'flimsiness' of the TR7 and the mainrenance aspect needed to keep one running sweetly. In his own words the TR3 'feels unburstable' by comparisson.

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